Dear all,

as we hear, every european shipowner calling in eastern european ports such as in Ukraine, Black Sea Russia, Turkey, Greece and even Israel or West African countries you can feel the tension in the operations department. And when the phone goes and the Master calls, one can see the the colour disappearing from the face of the operator. Evasive number of authorities, dubious persons, medals on uniform, no chance to get the overview and often a very agressive and confronting behaviour.

They always tried to convince our Masters that there was no reason to get into a discussions with a compliant and good running ship. But knowing the tough times during such calls and pressure excersised it was known that the cash box statement likely was going to be somewhat “inflated” (despite all prudent initiatives of assoiciations and suggestions to include into Charter Parties, it is within the never-put-on-paper expectation of a Charterer that the good owner does not cause under any circumstances any delays).

What was also noted, there is a direct correlation between any ongoing discussions between Charterer/Shipper and cargo receivers and the number of officials on board trying to find just the needle in the haystack. It is somewhat predicable in such instances that just any seemingly unimportant instrument or condition get’s tossed up to be a reason for a port state detention. Miracle, miracle – the shipchandler or servicemen of trust in this port has the right part available. Besides his 10 x price he charges ISPS fees (not even a fence at the port seen), port access, customs, sunshine and rain fees.

Here are some links to give an idea about what’s going on.

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stopped by law but locally disregarded